The President and Peter Orszag, Director of the OMB, have repeatedly noted “that reducing the growth rate of health care costs is the single most important fiscal issue we face as a country.”  …and that we need legislation that will “Bend the Curve.”stethscope and money   Ten extraordinary healthcare experts assembled by the Brookings Institute, Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform, released their 10 page report today, “Bending the Curve: Effective Steps to Address Long-Term Health Care Spending Growth.”  The report includes concrete proposals including regional health insurance exchanges, accountable care organizations, and practical tort reform, to reduce the growth of our national health care costs.  When congress reconvenes on this issue, could “BEND THE CURVE!” become the chamber echo that inspires new legislation?  …legislation that addresses the issues boiling over in McAllen, Texas?  Reading the full Brookings report  “Bending the Curve” gave me hope.Bending the Curve